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We want you to be satisfied- in the event your baby is hiding or is in an "uncooperative" mood,  you pay for your initial session, and we bring you back for a complimentary visit, on us.  

After reviewing the above information and the descriptions below, and you are unsure how the packages work, do not hesitate to call us at 913-712-8126.   You can also use the widget lower right to text us.  We gladly answer any questions you may have.

Gender Reveal Secret Sessions- Just ask and we can deliver! We frequently have families wanting the gender placed in an envelope or secretly shared with an aunt, or with grandma, so they can have a gender reveal party later on.  That is absolutely no problem for us, in fact, we love the great ideas that families come up with, to do the actual reveal.  Just let us know, we can handle it however you decide.  

With COVID 19, we have adjusted our sessions so that all packages           include a web link video of the entire scan.  We offer this because we       have to limit the number of guests you can bring in.  We also send          images electronically.  Because video and pics are sent electronically,          CD's and DVD's are only provided if requested​.  

Sneak Peek Session  $85+tax   
The Peek is 15 mins long; it can be scheduled for gender reveal (if you are 15 weeks plus) or for an imaging session.  It comes with a video, images sent electronically, but only B&W prints to take home.  If this session is chosen specifically for gender, our technician will spend as much of the session time as necessary for this purpose.  If there is time remaining after determining gender, the tech will transition into 3D and 4D as time permits.  We do want to alert you that 3D and 4D time can be limited or not included if gender confirmation takes up the time.

Sneak Peek Plus Session $110+tax   
The Peek Plus is an extension of the Peek; it is 25-30 mins in length 
and includes color prints to take home.  More imaging time means 
more opportunity to work angles, also more saved images, plus          additional time for 3D, 4D and HD imaging.

Deluxe Session  now $140+tax  ($20 less) 
         The Deluxe includes the Peek Plus above, but it is 30-35 mins in length.               It also includes a free Aden & Anais swaddle blanket or 8" heartbeat        animal of your choice.  

Combo Package  $230+tax  (reduced price) 
Our Combo is a two session package; it is a great bargain, you will save $40 
when compared to the value of the two sessions if purchased separately.  You Get a  free Heartbeat Animal on the 1st session - a $20.00 value.  You will pay 
$120 plus tax for the 1st session, and $110 plus tax for the 2nd session.  We combine our Peek Plus session (1st visit) with our Deluxe (2nd visit).  The Combo Deluxe does not include the Aden & Anais swaddle blanket/heartbeat animal option.

Explanation of what comes with our packages;

  Collection of images in 2D and 3D- we save images in B&W and color, they are sent electronically after the session concludes.  We save as many images as possible, a minimum of 12-15 on shorter sessions, but often 40, 50 or more...

    Video Stream- The entire session is sent to the cloud and emailed to you right after the session.  It only remains available for a short period, so get it downloaded.  If you prefer it in DVD form, just tell us.  The video is currently included in all packages, since we have to limit guests.

Printed Digital Pictures- Depending on the package you choose, you receive B&W and/or Color images in 2D and 3D.  

    Multiple births- We do not charge extra for twins or triplets, but we do request that you come in prior to 26 weeks if at all possible.​

    Heartbeat Animals-  We are pretty sure you will not find a more     economical Heartbeat Animal anywhere!  This is a Great Way to remember     the first time you heard the babies heartbeat, preserved inside one of         the many animals you can choose from (see below).  The recording devices     are approx. 20-25 seconds in length.  

                    8" Animals- discounted at $16 plus tax
                    15-16" Animals- discounted at $21.60 plus tax
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