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The Olathe 4D Difference

Why Choose Us?

1. Family Owned
You can always count on family... at least we believe you can always count on our family. We’re not doing this just for a paycheck; we’re doing this to make a difference in the community and for the many families that come to our studio. As a husband and wife team (we are co-owners), we will do everything in our power to make your visit to the Olathe ultrasound studio and baby store near Kansas City a very special one. If you're looking to get an ultrasound in Kansas City or want to make your own teddy bear, we're here for you.  Please view our video on the Home Page, we strive to make every appointment a very special one. 

Cindy Newton (Co-owner)- Cindy is our Image Technician at the Olathe studio.  She is a mother of 3 and grandmother now of 10. She was in the hospital room for the birth of every one of them, and for some non-family members needing a helping hand during delivery. As the main technician (for the first year at our Topeka studio and now 9 yrs in Olathe), she has had a special calming effect on the expectant mothers. Her desire, as a mom and grandmother, has been to ensure that each and every family has a special time while with us for an ultrasound. Cindy is a strong supporter of the fight against breast cancer and participates in many of their walks and events for a cure. She also  does all of the purchasing and marketing of the retail area (Peeps babies & Bears), and works directly with vendors to look for ways to positively impact our baby boutique.

Dennis Newton (Co-owner) - Dennis is a retired operations manager for a major school bus company. When your kids got to school and home safely and on time, Dennis possibly played an important part in working to make it happen. He had a lengthy career in transportation safety and operations, with his major focus being the many customers he worked for and with. Whether it's related to family or to business, we believe he takes leadership to a special level. He is really enjoying his change in careers, where he can make a difference for each and every family that he comes in contact with. When you call for an appointment, Dennis will typically take your call and will be glad to assist in answering questions or helping you schedule an appointment.  

2. Our package prices
As a consumer, it can be aggravating when you have saved to make a purchase, only to find out later it doesn’t come with everything you wanted/expected! It’s like getting a toy with no batteries, or forgetting your camera on vacation. Many 3D sonogram studios charge extra for the items they know you’re going to want, like a DVD of the entire session, or a CD with digital images, printed pictures or the video streaming that you can share with loved ones around the globe. Our Deluxe Package in Olathe keeps it simple; all of those features are included in the price. In both Topeka and Olathe, we also have an economic package for early term pregnancies, so you can come in and find out the gender of the baby without paying for all of the extras (this can be done in the 15th week and beyond). That package is called a Sneak Peek.

Please note- ALL of our Sessions normally include 2D, 3D, 4D and now HD imaging. 3D and 4D can be limited during a 15 min gender scan, as our technician will spend whatever time is necessary confirming gender.  If it eats up the majority or all of the time, we apologize but if gender is the point of emphasis, that is what we will focus on.  And finally, we can even host your baby shower and show off your precious little one to all in attendance!

3. Our Facility
We were very fortunate to be able to locate our Olathe business in the historic Park Cherry Building in downtown Olathe.  The building was originally built in the late 1800's, and we are excited to be located downtown and in a tradition-rich old bank property.   For historic purposes, we have left both the teller windows and the vault in place, agreeing to work around each of these uinique features of this space.  As you enter our business off of Park Street, you will immediately see a beautiful oak teller counter that stretches across the entire entrance area.  Don't turn around and leave, you are in the right place!  Go straight ahead and you are in our ultrasound studio.  Go past the teller windows and make a right turn, and you are in our retail area.  The retail area has been completely refurbished, it offers approx. 1400 sq ft of retail space that we hope you will find both unique and fun.  Our studio is uniquely decorated and will have a feel more like a "spa setting". Our focus will be to make "Mom 2 Be" as comfortable as possible. We have three (3) flat screen  televisions plus the ultrasound monitor for easy viewing. We promote family involvement, so our policy is to not limit who can join Mom for the session (as long as she is comfortable they are there, of course)!

4. Our Retail 
Our retail area in Olathe includes a larger inventory of products that we carry in Topeka, plus more. We offer products from Aden & Anais, Burton & Burton, My Little Legs, Halo Heaven, Rugged Butts, Rockabye CD's, Shupeas, Sugar Booger by O.R.E., Ty, Two Feet Ahead, WubbaNub, Baby K'Tan, Creative Knit, Stephan Baby, Diaper Dudes, Mary Meyer, The Bear Mill, Creative Knit Collegiate wear, Fun Colors jewelry, and Gumdrop Pacifiers.  Continue to watch this website for updated product information, we are always looking to expand our vendors and inventory.  

5. Bear Stuffings and Such
Approximately 1/4 of our retail space is dedicated to a Bear Stuffing Village.  We carry fifteen inch (15") "stuffable" animals from Teddy Mountain and The Bear Mill, and we have our own stuffing machine on-site.  We assist the little one's in stuffing the "new friend" of their choice.  We currently carry over thirty (30) different "skins" to choose from, all of them are on display to show you how they appear once stuffed.  Your child will be able to stuff them with love, dress and accessorize them as desired.  We believe you will be excited about the number and quality of the outfits and accessories that we offer.   

6. An Anticipation Ultrasound Studio Franchise
We have the strength and structure of multiple locations throughout the US with the freedom and flexibility of a local shop.

 7. We are always looking for ways to add value to your visit!  We know you have choices, and we know that some of you will have to travel a distance to come see us. Hopefully we can lessen the impact of the travel time, by offering some special discounts in both our studio and retail areas. And, how 'bout some discounts from local business partners in the Olathe and Kansas City area? To say "Thanks" to our ultrasound customers, we give out free coupons to local restaurants so that "Mommie 2 Be" eats free!  So far, we have the following eating establishments on-board and providing cards to our families.  At the conclusion of your visit, you get to choose one card from the participating locations;

*Mommy 2B eats for FREE at Strips - you get a free meal with the purchase of a meal.
*Mommy 2B eats for FREE at Red Robin- you get a gourmet sandwich with the purchase of a gourmet sandwich 
* Mommy 2B Eats FREE at Salty Iguanayou get a free meal w/the purchase of one entry.
* Mommy 2B eats FREE at Jason's Deli- like others, you get a free meal w/the purchase of a meal. 

We want to thank the above establishments for their willingness to partner with us in Olathe- it has been a big hit and we really appreciate it. We are currently working on similar "deals" for you, at additional local restaurants.

Organic cotton blankies
cute hair clips for the little girls  at our Kansas City baby store" title="cute hair clips for the little girls
Cindy and Dennis on the beach
Cindy with grandaughter Ari
Cindy and Dennis with grand babies Alex and Ari
Cindy and Dennis in Hawaii
We now carry "My Fun Colors" bracelets
aden & anais products from Australia

We recently took delivery of the newest swaddle prints for our store.  We proudly provide award-winning products with the comfort and safety of your baby in mind.  

Our boutique offers sleep sacks, and a wide-variety of single, double and 4-layer blankets in multiple designs.

Did you know;

1) That the practice of swaddling is about 6,000 years old?
2) Swaddled babies sleep more peacefully and for longer periods of time, that unswaddled babies?
3) Swaddling becomes a "sleep trigger" for you baby, when used consistently?
4) Most hospitals and birthing centers swaddle babies immediately after they are born?
5) Maternity nurses and midwives are some of the best swaddlers in the world?  

In addition to many other awards, aden & anais won the 2011 "Cribsy" award for swaddle of the year.  
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