We feature over thirty (30) different 15"animals to choose from, and we now have approximately twenty (20) different 8" animals, all quality products of both Teddy Mountain and The Bear Mill.  Check out the pictures above, to see samples of our animals and available outfits.  Our large selection of outfits, ever-changing, features over 110 different choices.  We have year-round favorites; sports (baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, boxing, football), career oriented (nurses, doctors, EMT, police, fire department); all armed forces, fantasy (batman, superman, rock stars, princess), plus seasonal specials (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas).  

We have a stuffing machine on-site (see below), and we assist your little one in stuffing their new friend "just right"!  We place hugs and kisses inside, too!  Each 15" stuffed animal goes home in a special backpack, or gift box if preferred.    

We Host Birthday Parties  

We can host your child's birthday party in our Bear Village. Our format and options for birthday parties are still a work in progress, but we are ready to work with you now, to have your special event here. We are flexible; we can provide the basics or we can provide everything, or somewhere in between; you decide. We know families are busy with work and with a wide variety of family and school activities. We are ready to take the worries of planning and hosting a party, off of your plate. Call us, or drop by our store; we will assist you by offering the party options below for a worry-free and memorable birthday party.  And here is the best news- if we host your party, all Bear Village items will be discounted (see below).   

Date and Time- The party can be scheduled during our normal business hours, or after hours and even on the weekend.  We require advanced notice to ensure that we can be properly staffed to successfully host the party.  Parties scheduled for non-business hours will require a slight upcharge, though we feel it is very fair.   To secure a particular date and time, schedule your party as early as possible.  Please note that we block out One (1) Hour and thirty (30) minutes per party

Advance Notice- If the time slot for your party is available, we prefer that you provide us with seven (7) days advance notice, to ensure that we can be properly prepared and be staffed for the party.   However, if possible, a minimum of 72 hours will be mandatory.  

Normal Business Hours;  10:30am till 6:00pm Tuesday thru Friday; 10:00am till 3:00pm on Saturday.  Your party can be held after 6:00pm on weekdays, or after 3:00pm on Saturday, with advanced notice.  It can also be held on Sunday or Monday, provided staffing can be provided.  

Party Requirements-  We require a minimum purchase of four (4) of our 15" Bear Village Animals for party guests.  Outfits for the animals are optional, but please note that all animals purchased during the party, will be discounted at 20%, and all outfits and accessories will be discounted at 25%.   The only exceptions to these discounts would be other specials within the store, that may be discounted even more.  

We allow a maximum of ten (10) children in the party (adults not counted).  If there are any siblings or guests under the age of four (4), we would require you to assist with their supervision.   Party guests must remain in the Bear Village area with our staff and adults from your group.  

​We have a large refrigerator on-site.  If you are providing the drinks, cake etc., you are welcome to drop it off in advance.  We will be happy to store it here for you, up to 24 hours in advance of your party.  We will provide ice if needed.  


Package #1, $50 plus minimum animal purchase-    You just need a place to host the party?  We will block out 90 minutes for your party in our Bear Village.   With this option, we provide the space and you provide everything else you desire.  Best of all, we will do the cleanup.  We need to know how many children will attend, and whether you will need ice (no charge).  

Package #2, $50 plus minimum animal purchase, plus $7 per guest-  With this package, we will block out 90 minutes for your party, and we will provide party favors, plates, napkins, cups and plastic forks/spoons as necessary.  We also provide a t-shirt for each 15" animal purchased.   As in Option 1, you provide what food, drink etc. that you prefer.

Package #3, $50 plus minimum animal purchase, plus $12 per guest- With this package, we block out 90 minutes for the party, we provide the same items identified in Package 2, plus we will provide the drinks and a birthday cake/cupcakes for the guests.  

Additional time- If you want to block out additional time (than what is allotted in the options above), please make sure we are aware in advance, to properly staff the party.  An additional fee of $20 per 30 minutes will be charged.  

After hours/weekends-  If the party is scheduled on a normal business day, but outside of our normal business hours, we will charge an additional $25 to host the party ($75 instead of $50).  If the party is scheduled on a non-business day (Sunday or Monday), there will be an additional fee of $50 ($100 instead of $50).  We will typically not schedule a party on a holiday, though exceptions may be made (i.e. Presidents Day).

Food and Drinks- We will provide you with some options to choose from, regarding the type of drink being provided, and the type of cake too.  We have a birthday party form to fill out (see below), it will allow you to tell us what you would prefer.  We are very aware that some children are allergic to certain foods, nuts, drinks etc.   Our birthday party form will allow you to make us aware of any special requirements with the children in your group.  It will be necessary for you or the adults in the group, to closely monitor any attendees that may be allergic, we will certainly assist if properly advised. 

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