We have some very unique gift ideas for baby showers, gifting for when baby arrives, and even for babies first birthday!  

   Enter our Raffle free- just e-mail us your name and phone number and you will be entered.  The drawing will be on the 1st day of the following month, the winner will receive a very nice Gift Package valued at over $50 monthly (picture below).  Send your entry info to, 
please put "Raffle Entry" in the subject line.  

Due to COVID 19, it is necessary that we close our boutique to the public.  It is open for our families coming here for an ultrasound appt.  

If you want to drop in and shop, and you are not here for an ultrasound session, give us a call. We will try to set up a time we can let you in.

Special Bear Village Package Deal- Buy an animal, an Outfit and Shoes in the Bear Village for only $29.95 plus tax (it is up to a savings of 30%, depending on the outfit and shoes chosen).

Covid 19 has really put a damper on things around the world, and it has affected us to the point we have to restrict access in order to keep our pregnant mom's and our staff safe.  And more importantly, to let us stay open and host families wanting to see baby.  We wish you health and a strong fight against the pandemic!  

Our studio continues to be very busy, thanks to all of you for choosing us.  We continue to do a ton of gender reveals, and with November just completed, the boy count year-to-date is well ahead of baby girls....  We continue to have families back in for baby # 2, # 3 and even #4 with us!  And of course we enjoy getting to meet new families that come in for the very first time.  Some info about our studio; 

For our ultrasound sessions and extras, just check out our packages tab for details about each session we offer.  We have multiple packages or sessions to choose from and can work with you if there is something unique, too.   With gender reveals, we frequently put the gender in an envelope so that the family can host a special reveal event later.  

On the day of your appointment, 
you and family get 20% Off your purchase in 
our Boutique (there are a few exclusions). 

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Make Your Own Teddy Bear
Don't forget to capture they're heatbeat on a Heartbeat Teddy!
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Every month, the winner receives a beautiful gift package that has a retail cost of at least $50.  it is hand selected and prepared for our winners, so get entered, and good luck!  
ARE YOU LOOKING FOR AMBER BEADS!!!  We maintain an inventory of teething necklaces from Momma Goose.  
by Aden & Anais

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