Our Story
Our son Jake (Taylor) and his wife Allison had their first child Alex on the third of December in 2009. The entire experience fascinated both of them, and like most parents do, they went back to work at their jobs to earn a living. Jake had an idea about opening an ultrasound studio, and if you knew Jake, you would understand that once he has something in mind, he pursues it to the fullest. His desire to look into a studio was based on the experience of seeing Alex in 3D and also based on the fact that he and Allison felt they could really make a difference with expectant mothers and their families. 

Jake contacted Cindy and I about working with him to make his dream a reality. Cindy and I had just left our jobs and the idea of starting our own business was appealing. So, thanks to the enormous amount of research and marketing work that Jake completed, we stepped in to get the "ball rolling". Cindy and I opened Topeka 4D Ultrasound in September 2010, as co-owners and operators. Jake has continued to assist us from the advertising and marketing perspective, and Allison was a part-time technician in Topeka, assisting from time to time with scans.

One of our goals from early on, if successful, was to transfer the operating duties in Topeka to Jake and Allison, so we could open a 2nd studio closer to home in Olathe.   Allison now does all of the scheduling and scans in Topeka, she is assisted by Brandy.  As you can see from this website, the Olathe location has become a reality, it is called Kansas 4D Ultrasound. It also includes an expanded retail area that is called "Peep's Babies and Bears". Why Peep's?  Well, it's quite simple, Cindy is called Grandma Peep's by all of our grandchildren! 

We hope you will soon find that it is hard to find a more family oriented studio than the one we operate in Topeka and now, in Olathe.  As a grandmother of "ten", Cindy really enjoys the mommy experience. She created a unique spa-like feel at our Topeka studio that has really made the families feel comfortable and relaxed. It is truly a beautiful studio setting. The same concept has been replicated in Olathe.  

As a family owned and operated business, we encourage family involvement.  That is why our studio is both spacious and inviting.  We want each and every session to be a special event for the family.  We do not restrict who can be in our studio with our "Mom-2-be"; she calls the shots, if she is comfortable with them in the scan room, then so are we!  In Olathe, we have already hosted twenty-three (23) family and friends at a single ultrasound session; the more the merrier as far as we are concerned.  Whether Cindy is doing the scans or another tech is involved, the very same "caring" attitude with each and every "mom 2 be" and their family, will be the norm. 

​Come visit our studio and boutique, we believe you will find it a very unique and inviting business.

Dennis & Cindy Newton, Co-owners

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